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Imagine this: It’s 1/1/11—and you suddenly discover that you aren’t merely mortal, after all: You are an infinite spirit having a temporary physical experience.

After you recover from the epiphany and sit down to write your New Year’s resolutions, will you approach the task from the same perspective—or will you see different, deeper, more expansive opportunities?

What would your resolutions look like if you knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are going to outlive your physical body?

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6 Responses to Only human? What if you’re not?

  1. Shaheerah says:

    Hi Pat, I was already thinking along these lines tonight.
    I am writing a “covenant” and the instructions were to ask for whatsoever I desired and then to put in writing what I was willing to vow to God for 2011.
    Well I wanted to first all just thank our Creator for my life as is and more than anything I desire a closer walk…to hear the Creator clearer and to be, do and have whatsoever is in the DIVINE PLAN FOR MY LIFE!
    Thanks for the thought! I love you. Shaheerah

  2. Janet says:

    Praise The Spirit that dwells within, and our very hearts, which serve as our mouthpiece to the Soul! Happy New Year!

  3. Jacqueline PhillipsButts says:

    I would be all about awaking up from this dream while still alive and hearing and being guided by only one voice, that of the Holy Spirits.

  4. Marcie says:

    If I just knew I was going to outlive my physical body, there were two things I would do. First, I would brace myself to read EVERY book ever written in any language (translators are available). I would also plan for more business ventures. As it is, I can only do one at a time with the hopes of seeing many of them come to pass before God calls me home.

  5. Rev. Bobby says:

    In alignment with the forementioned premise, I’d practice keeping my mouth shut since the inevitability is that Imma outlive it anyway.

  6. Rev. Bobby says:

    Ooops…..Hey Shareerah

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