The Law of Attraction has been the focus of several conversations within the past week, inspiring me to update the book I wrote on the topic several years ago, Crossing an Unseen Bridge: The Law of Attraction Secrets No One Wants to Talk About. I’ve put it near the top of my to-do list. In the meantime, I’ll discuss it here.

For those who have heard the term “Law of Attraction” or have seen the hashtag “#LOA” but are not sure what it means, let’s first look at what a law is and isn’t, what it does and doesn’t do:

Laws produce the same result every time for everybody

First and foremost, laws are predictable. They produce the same result every time for everybody. That’s what distinguishes a law from a possibility. Imagine this: You’re going to a football game and every seat in the stadium is filled. You can predict with certainty that not one seat will suddenly be vacated because its occupant randomly floated into outer space.

Why? Because the Law of Gravity grounds every edifice to the planet, including that stadium; ditto for every seat in the stadium and every physical being or object occupying a seat.

This phenomenon doesn’t happen occasionally or frequently. It’s governed by a physical law. Consequently, there are no flying buildings or flying people—unless you’ve heard of instances of which I am not aware. If so, please share.

Laws don’t require human intervention

The Law of Attraction is KARMA by another nameWe don’t have to do anything to invoke the laws of gravity or attraction. We don’t have to read books or attend seminars to learn how to use these laws for our benefit. They are in effect all the time, without our awareness, intervention or facilitation.

Many disagree, starting with the creators of the 2006 “The Secret” movie and Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling book of the same title. They claim that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work unless we work it.

They contend that with some effort, we can attract everything we want or need. All we have to do is:

  • Repeatedly think about the object, situation or person of our desire (i.e., make it our dominant thought),
  • Believe that it will manifest, and
  • Maintain positive emotions that our desired outcome will manifest. The more gleeful we feel, the higher our vibration and the more likely it is that we will match the vibration of our desired thing.

If humans can manipulate the Law of Attraction to produce what they want, everyone who has followed these steps consistently receives what he or she wants, without one exception because laws produce the same results for all.

If we follow the same directions and get a different result, it is not a law

Since 2006, more than a million people have seen the “Secret” movie, bought the book, paid for seminars and practiced the principles espoused by the motivational speakers who appeared in them. Some of them got precisely what they desired—but not everyone. That would be a clue.

Sometimes we ignore clues. During a 2008 show that focused on what I call the commercialized version of the Law of Attraction, a couple of women had LOA testimonials. One claimed that because she decided to think positively about her husband’s surprise lay-off, and celebrate rather than mourn when he returned home, he landed an even better job weeks later. (One might ask what she was thinking before he was laid-off, if LOA did all that.)

Oprah shared an LOA testimonial of her own: She claimed that she had attracted a beautiful silver bubble blower from Tiffany & Co., just minutes after declaring to a guest who was making phenomenal bubbles that she’d love to have a bubble blower.

Wow! What a powerful demonstration of LOA, she thought. I didn’t. And she confirmed it when she finished the story:

In the next breath, Oprah told the audience that her assistant had given her that bubble blower from Tiffany & Co. several months earlier. Yes, months before a bubble blower was even on Oprah’s radar, let alone on her wish list, that gift had sat in her office, unopened. Her assistant brought the gift to Oprah’s attention after she mentioned it on the air.

Not to disparage Oprah. I like her personally. We socialized when we worked together at ABC-7 years ago. I’ve brought in a New Year at her home; I think she’s cool people and would never do or say anything to intentionally mislead anyone. But not only did she drink the LOA Kool-Aid, she gave credit to LOA that belonged to her poor assistant who’d been waiting for months for her gift to be opened.

I remember that incident so vividly because it inspired me to write “Crossing an Unseen Bridge.” Thank you, Girlfriend!

We must think before believing

If life worked as LOA disciples claim, everyone who follows its prescribed steps would attract their desired result. There would be no exceptions: Every sick person who wanted to be healed would be. Everybody who didn’t want to die would not. Everybody would be admitted to the college at the top of their list. Everybody would land the job and marry the mate of their desire.

People in countries who desperately want clean water, access to affordable healthcare and an end to war would receive that. And everyone who wants a lovely gift in a Tiffany box within minutes of expressing a desire for one. In fact, banish the thought, everyone who wanted to be released from prison would simply have to focus on their freedom, visualize themselves on the outside, and feel the ecstasy of that moment when they walk out of the pokey. Whoo hoo! Freedom! Praise LOA! Hallelujah, amen!

There are a number of other secrets that LOA enthusiasts don’t tell us. I’ll share them with you next week, starting with this little factoid: The monetized version of the Law of Attraction pretends that two words don’t exist in our vocabulary: Surprise and disappointment. In fact, you might call it LOA’s Achilles’ heel.

Know that I love you much—and I encourage you to keep thinking before believing.

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12 Responses to Law of Attraction “secrets” that #LOA enthusiasts never mention

  1. Charles says:

    While I agree with ‘The Loud Mouth’ on this topic, I choose to look at it in a way more simplistic manner. Each fall, 32 NFL teams comprised of 56 players each, work their butts off trying to get to and ultimately win the Super Bowl. When the playoffs determine the teams in championship game, both teams are eating, sleeping and waking thinking of one thing, winning. Being from Detroit, I will bet anything, not one player worked or prayed or even thought about going an entire season without winning a game. But it happened.
    No, you won’t have to look far to dispel the Laws of Attraction. Just glance at the morning sports page.

  2. Saint says:

    Interesting as always. LOA can be likened to the principle of magnetism. I believe we can attract things but we can just as easily repel things. Since our minds constantly swing between belief and disbelief what are we attracting or repelling? When I first listened to The Secret, I thought it was oversimplified as is the way in the our Western society. But, they made a lot of money from it, maybe that was what they were trying to attract? Hummm.

    • I agree, Saint: They certainly attracted a lot of money, by design. But the real Law of Attraction will balance that out the rewards of that deception, too.

      I also agree that LOA–the spiritual law, not the monetized profit center–certainly is like the principle of magnetism. The real LOA, like the Law of Gravity, has no relationship to belief. Magnets and gravity don’t work according to our beliefs and neither does LOA. Based on the many conflicting beliefs in the world, can you imagine how much more chaotic life would be if things happened according to an individual’s or a collective society’s beliefs? Would you like to live in a world according to Cliven Bundy’s beliefs?

      “The Secret” wasn’t oversimplified; it was so unrealistic that it bordered on nonsensical. Nobody anywhere ever–including LOA’s disciples–gets everything he or she desires. If it was a law, things would always manifest according to our desires–without exception. There would never be a surprise or a disappointment. Life would be totally predictable.

      Another consideration: If the law works as they said, it could be used as a criminal enterprise. Remember, they assert that the law simply responds; it doesn’t judge.
      Just think how easy it would be to use your mind to commit murder or even genocide, steal someone’s spouse, make a plane fall out of the sky or unlock an armored truck.

      Nobody anywhere ever manipulated a spiritual law according to his or her own dictates. We’d have to be quite arrogant to believe that.

      Belief is a choice, and believing things that are untrue doesn’t transform them into truth. As I always say, we must think before believing.

  3. Saint says:

    Not sure who that pix is but it is not me….lol

    • Yes, I noticed. You either need to create a gravatar or use “Paint Saint” as your name. Obviously, someone is using “Saint.” I’m a bit surprised that the email address or website doesn’t factor into the process, though.

  4. Richard G. Heath says:

    It is clear to me as of right now we all have attracted everything we ever wanted in life. Now most people will not believe that, because they are sooo sooo greedy and That part does not fiT.

  5. Marcie says:

    Pat, you know that I’ve always had questions about this topic. I started reading “Ask and It Is Given” again, which is helping. But I have another question. How long does it take to see the things you desire manifest? What can I do to remove barriers?

    • I invite you to re-read this post, Marcie, and take a look at the comment by Richard G. Heath. I know you’ve been struggling with this for a while. You haven’t seen results, yet you believe the problem is Marcie. It isn’t. You done everything they told you to do. And, God knows, you truly believe that it’s going to work; so you continue to do the same thing, expecting a different result.

      I am going to assume that authors of Law of Attraction books, even those without bodies, in the case of “Ask and It Is Given,” mean to empower us and encourage us to think positively. But, as Richard pointed out, we are attracting everything we, as souls, want from this particular life experience in these particular bodies. We’re simply not always attracting what our bodies want.

      As I often say, this is the soul’s life, not the body’s. Your clothes don’t dictate Marcie’s decisions, just as the body costume we know as Marcie dictates your decisions, as soul.

      That may be confusing. In fact, I can almost see your face now. The short answer is: There is more to life than the physical eye can see. And, as Einstein says, we can’t solve a problem at the same level at which it was created.

      I feel your frustration in my heart. And I can sense your desperation. Been there, done it many times, as I’ve outlined in my books.

      How about this: Shoot me an email and let’s set up a time for a free DQW counseling session. Hopefully, you will leave with a greater understanding of who you are and why things do and don’t happen the way Marcie wants them to. Ideally, you’ll leave with a more powerful question than the ones you’ve asked here. I’m looking forward to the time when you ask–as often as necessary: “Why did I, as soul, create this _____________–and how does it serve me; how does it propel me along my path back Home?

      Looking forward to hearing from you, Marcie, and seeing you soon. Much love to you!

      Everything happens for a reason, Marcie, and everything that happens doesn’t originate on the physical plane.

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