Have you seen the video “10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer“? Do you reach the same conclusion that the narrator does? Are there other answers? This is a good one for thinkers.

Please share your comments below. (Don’t try to answer all ten questions. Pick  one or two and see how you do.)

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7 Responses to Is there only one answer to these questions?

  1. Gerald says:

    It’s hard to believe that God exist and loves us when you look at the world around us and the things that are happening. Wars, crime, starvation, H1N1 and all the other disasters we have to live with makes me feel that God really hates us and wants nothing to do with us. A simple “God’s will be done” can not explain away what we have to deal with. However, as I get closer to my final days, I am willing to ignore the obvious because I do not want my ticket to the imaginary life everlasting canceled. So, like most people, I will keep the faith just for insurance purposes.

  2. Charles says:

    It seems to me that the video questions provided by the Loud Mouth this week have one answer. God didn’t write the bible. Men wrote the bible. Think about it.

    The ‘scholars’, a term I will use loosely, who wrote the bible wrote it with their own agenda at the top of the page. “We don’t want people working on the Sabbath. Let’s say that God will kill you if you do.” We want our daughters to be virgins when they marry. Let’s say that God will kill them if they fool around with that kid from that tribe two miles to the east. By placing the blame for these punishments on God, man has cleansed himself of any responsibility. These actions remind me of that comic from the early 70’s Flip Wilson. Flip’s famous, “The devil made me do it”, effectively takes the responsibility out of our hands for any actions that fly in the face of society’s mores. The same holds true for the bible and its writers.

    So, for my two-cents, I believe most, if not all of the questions can be answered by looking at the authors. If you don’t agree, chances are you’re gonna rot in Hell.

  3. Hal Hurst says:

    A. The person who wrote this isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. Much of the Bible is metaphor. Christians have been released from the Levitical laws. Christ brought the two great laws: love God and your neighbor.
    B. As modern people we understand there are principles by which the world works. There is no man inside the TV selling toothpaste. God does not have to pull the levers to make the universe go. Primitive people did not understand the principles and observations we have accumulated and cataloged; so what?
    C. Religion is about relationship. The Bible is full of symbols, to make it easier to understand. Anyone who interprets Jesus’ words about his body and blood literally is an ass. The interpretation is in the text. Jesus was holding a cup of wine, not a bloody saw.

  4. Hal Hurst says:

    I’ll probably burn in the Hell devised by certain control-freak bible beaters, too. I’m an Episcopal, and you may know the trouble we’ve been getting into lately for accepting women and gays as equals. But a Heaven populated by narrow minded bigots might confuse me into thinking I was in Hell anyway. Solution: make Heaven here. avoid anger, love and care for your neighbor. Respect each other.

  5. Very thoughtful responses! What about the rest of you Thinkers? Anything you’d like to add?

  6. Saint says:

    I do not come to the same conclusion as the author. Much of what he has said is based on confused religious belief I will agree but much of the Metaphysical literature offers alternative points of view. Of course I do not believe that God wrote the Bible, men did. It is not intented to be history but allegorical stories. I believe that God is not respector of persons. Our world is controlled by imutable laws. We either act in harmony with such laws are we are subject to the consequences of violation. Some also believe that we choose what kind of life to lead or who to be. Sometimes to test ourselves and to grow toward Spiritual perfection based on those experiences. If we only see life as materialistic and earthbound the authors points are valid, however the same education of which he speaks is also flawed and based in the same system as the false religious beliefs. I say through out everything and just study nature, the beauty of a sunset, our intuitive nature, and see what conclusions you come too. I believe in God and a Spiritually based system.

    Finally, like many so called Christians, there faith is based on accepting the Jesus is God. While Jesus himself never made such a claim and in fact said that we could do everything he did and more. The Kingdom of Heaven is a state of mind not a place to go to when you die.

    That’s my two cents worth.

    Peace, Saint

  7. Bohun says:

    All of this debate and discussion is what makes life interesting. Humans develop, implement,critique, discard and start again. The divine creates endless worlds and possibilities. Interesting that the author confuses/or mixes concepts of God and Christianity (not very rational thinking). One thing is for sure, we will all have to die eventually. What is important is how did we live while we were here. If there is only one answer, one approach, one thought—then we would be a truly limited species, living a constricted and predictable existence.

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